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Wholeness Recovery Campus

Who Are We

We want more than the usual recovery center in an office environment.

At Wholeness Recovery Campus, our clients will engage in creative, therapeutic groups and activities that complement therapies and enrich their minds, bodies, and souls. They will focus on themselves while sharing and building lifelong, healthy relationships with others.

Animal assisted therapies, art and music therapy, gardening, walks through flower gardens, reflection, journaling and praying in serene surroundings, practicing meditation and breathing techniques, aroma and massage therapy, nutrition and cooking lessons, life skills workshops, and exercise in the fitness areas are all activities that will be made available.

Our compassionate, expert staff will be alongside our clients every day,

providing them with the tools and support they need to experience transformation and discover wholeness.

Quiet time

Exposure to green space is associated with positive physiological effects, such as decreased heart rate and blood pressure.


Outdoor activities such as gardening and walking are effective in improving mental health and neurological conditions.

Animal therapy

Interacting with animals reduces feelings of aggression, depression, and anxiety, and makes participants feel happier and calmer.

Outdoor exercise

Exercising in the outdoors has more beneficial effects on revitalization, engagement, tension, confusion, anger and depression, compared to exercising indoors.


Looking at nature has positive effects on mood, stress, concentration, and self-esteem.


Exposure to nature of ≥120 min per week is related to optimal health and wellbeing.

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